New website, new covers, and new confession journals

My name is Jeremy Sarber. I’m a Reformed Baptist Bible teacher and funeral home chaplain. I write and host On Life & Scripture. I’m also the creator of the KJV Scripture Journals.

I started this project a couple of years ago. As one who grew up using the King James Version, I noticed that the KJV is underrepresented in the current world of Bible publishing. Today, publishers such as Crossway and Holman produce many innovative and helpful editions of the Bible, including journaling Bibles. Unfortunately, no one is making these resources for KJV readers. They must assume not enough people are reading the KJV, there’s no profit in it, or both. I can’t argue with them regarding profitability, but many people still read and cherish the King James Version.

While I have been slow to produce new journals, I am now making more effort to publish them. New requests appear in my inbox weekly, and I’ll do what I can to fulfill them. Meanwhile, I’ll keep interested people updated with what I’m doing behind the scenes.

A new website

As you may have noticed, KJV Scripture Journals has a new website. Much like the original version, it’s relatively minimal but slightly more attractive, perhaps.

New covers

You may have also noticed the new cover designs displayed on the website. The journals originally had a classic Bible look. They were black with gold lettering. Then, I updated them with softer colors and a single graphic to represent each book. The latest iterations bring the designs into the 21st Century.

To be clear, I haven’t yet updated the journals themselves. In other words, they are not yet sold with the new covers.

Confessions are coming

At the start of the year, I decided to use the 1689 Baptist (Second London) Confession of Faith as a personal devotional. I’d study and meditate my way through it week after week. With the confession and separate notebook in front of me, I thought, It’d be great if the confession had a place to take notes. Then, I thought, Of course. Why don’t I create one?

The forthcoming 1689 Baptist Confession Journal

Then, I thought, I’d love to have a modern English version of the confession in journal form. Unfortunately, the modern versions are all copyrighted, so while I intend to create a new one, it will take some time.


January 17, 2024